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"Waiting on this for a while now,
Paying my dues to the dirt,
I’ve been waiting to smile,
Been holding it in for a while,
Take you with me if I can,
Been dreaming of this since a child,
I’m on top of the world."

- ID

"Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like you"

- PWT’s
Zonsopgang Rosa Marina
Frank Ocean


Get Me Bodied, Flaws And All, Work It Out, Halo, Irreplaceable, I Care, Love On Top, I Miss You, Grown Woman, If I Were A Boy, End Of Time, Radio, Why Don’t You Love Me, Standing On The Sun, I Been On, Run The World, Single Ladies, Dance For You, Listen, Sweet Dreams, Smash Into You, Hello, Brown Eyes, Countdown, Diva, Baby Boy, Video Phone 

BEYONCÉ MILAAN ❤🇮🇹 (bij Mediolanum Forum)
BEYONCÉ (bij Ziggo Dome)
MOP 2-0 Laren

"That’s what life is. It’s the greatest show on earth."

- BK
Baal baal baal!!!!

"Everything’s great but not everything’s sure.
I’ll be drunk again,
to feel a little love."

- ES